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Cut through left line of Jinyunshan Tunnel of CRT Line 27

2024-03-28 11:44:27 听新闻


CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- On March 26, the left line of Jinyunshan Tunnel of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 27 was cut through, marking that the construction of Line 27 ushered in a major milestone. It is expected that in late April, both the left line and right line of Jinyunshan Tunnel will be cut through.

It is introduced that CRT Line 27 is an east-west urban rail express line in Chongqing rail transit network, totaling about 51.9km long, having 14 stations, starting from Bishan Station (not included) in the west and ending at Chongqingdong Railway Station in the east. As the controlling project of the whole line, Jinyunshan Tunnel is located between Bishan Station and Huxi Station, totaling 3.2km long.

After commissioning, Line 27 will quickly connect Bishan District, Chongqing Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shapingba District, Jiulongpo District, Yuzhong District, Nan’an District and Banan District, connecting Shapingba Station, Chongqing Station, Chongqingdong Railway Station and other important transportation hubs, realizing the rapid transfer between transportation means, and promoting to accelerate the construction of a modernized, high-quality, comprehensive and three-dimensional transportation network. (Photographed by Zhang Yizhu and Long Fan / Visual Chongqing)

(Translated by Liu Hongyan, Fathom Language Limited)